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  • kay, 36 kay, 36 The oil tank would get empty....We were being called three or four times a day by the bank for mortgage payments. I wanted to cry when I heard that The FLY Foundation would cover two months of my mortgage while I finished my cancer treatment...If it hadn't been for The FLY Foundation, I do not think we’d have a home right now.
  • lisa marie, 22 lisa marie, 22 The FLY Foundation was able to pay a doctor’s bill, CT scan and ultrasound bills ...I did not have ANY health insurance at the time. The FLY Foundation was able to help me financially when I had nowhere to turn. Thank you to all the donors who have donated money to help others through their hard times.
  • stacey, 35 stacey, 35 I would like to thank The FLY Foundation and its generous donors for taking some of the financial burden away from this holiday season. It is good to know that there are people who unconditionally care and want to help families in need.
  • joyce, 28 joyce, 28 I am working part time, which is a bit stressful for me because I am single and my family lives outside of the country. The FLY Foundation helped me with my rent when I was unable to work because of cancer treatments and symptoms. It was a very generous gesture that I will never forget.
  • laura, 35 laura, 35 The FLY Foundation helped me be my husband’s caregiver and advocate, and kept a roof over our heads in the most stressful and traumatic time of our lives.
  • Your support changes lives. Your support changes lives. Thanks to your generosity, more than 55 grants have been awarded through May 2014.

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